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Good Grrrl has served as the Parent Toddler program's Nutrition Expert for two libraries now, and we wish to pick up more. I offer two options of healthy, delicious, homemade snack while offering handouts and practical advice to moms and dads as their children play. Call today to book Good Grrrl for a session!

Children’s Classes

Class #1: Make Your Own Baby Food

(can be offered once every six months, a two-week course)—I will walk the parents through nutrition, technique, and cereal recipes the first week. I have charts they can take home, as well as recipe sheets. The second week I will go over pureeing, and the transition through the baby’s first year to year-and-a-half. I will talk about creative ways to cook for your child, and recipes for snacks like teething biscuits.

Class #2: How to Cook for your Toddler
I will walk parents through nutritional needs and how they change in the 18 month to 3 year mark. I will show the parents how to cook nutritious snacks for their little one and stay away from processed foods. I will give out easy meal plans, and go over how to plan a weekly meal chart. They will go home with recipe sheets, notably on granola, peanut butter, some other healthy nut butters, and nut/seed milks. Non-nut substitute recipes will be given for those with nut allergies.

Class #3: How to Cook with your Kids
I can do two separate classes for this, one for 5 to 7 year olds and one for 8 to 10 year olds. I will go over how to integrate measurements, math, and creativity into cooking. I will show the parents how to join with the child and cook dinner items and desserts. They will go home with recipe sheets and a new vat of ideas on how to make cooking a family experience.

Class #4: Decorating cookies with your children
I can do this seasonally and offer decorating sessions. We can do one for Christmas/Hannukah (or a separate class for each), fall, summer, spring, and Easter. The childre and their parents will come in to freshly baked cookies with all of the decorating essentials available to them.

Class #5: Monologue workshop
for budding young actors and actresses, two groups could be taught. I would go over how to break down the beats in a monologue, visualization and other character-builders, backstory understanding and how to incorporate that into a three-minute piece (the typical required audition length). I will work individually with each young lady or man in front of the class to teach basics and advanced techniques. This would be a two-week course, and each student would leave with one to two three-minute monologue pieces ready for auditioning.

Class #6: Scene study workshop
for budding young actors and actresses, two groups could be taught. The sign-ups must be even to allow for groups of two to three students to be together. We will work on the basics of a scene, how to break it down and draw out your character’s strong points and vulnerabilities in the scene, and how to play off the other character to make it different each time. I will go over movement in a scene and how to incorporate it with your dialogue to keep from being a static actor. Each student will leave with an audition-ready scene, and the knowledge of the breakdown of any scene in their acting future.

Class #7: Improv acting workshop
this is for acting as play. It teaches looseness in the craft, the ability to have fun with your character and let it move you. We’ll go over how to process the elements of a scene to best play improv sketch. This is typically a favorite among young actors and actresses.

Class #8: Acting and Movement
this teaches the younger actors and actrsses how to use their bodies as they perform a character. This could be a three to six week course, an hour each week, where we would go over several movement techniques while rehearsing scenes to get the actors comfortable using all extremities.

NOTE: I have a BA from Boston University and was accepted into their prestigious School for the Arts acting program. I worked as a stage actress for three years in New York City, and starred in several off-Broadway shows, most notably as Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Footlight Theater on 43rd and 8th, and as Harper in Angels in America. I have studied classical acting as well as the modern approach, so this would be easy and fun for me to teach! I have also taught acting to children in Boston while in school.

Class Schedule

Oct 4:
Harvest Aplenty Class, Longwood Library

Oct 6:
Make Your Own Jams and Jellies,
East Islip Public Library

Oct 12:
Make Your Own Baby Food Lecture,
Wild by Nature

Nov 10:
Hot Appetizers Class, Longwood Public Library

Nov 16:
Holiday Sweet Breads, Port Jefferson Library

Dec 1:
Holiday Cookies, Babylon Public Library

Dec 14:
Hot Appetizers, Port Jefferson Library


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