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“Make Your Own” Classes

All of my classes are taught for all levels of kitchen chefs. I offer a tasting at the end, and all are prepared as I teach in front of the class. I offer varieties as I am teaching, so if someone does not care for the exact ingredients, they will leave equipped to change it and still enjoy the dish.

Class #1: Make your own Jams and Jellies—I will go over equipment, technique, and then walk them through three easy recipes using all fresh ingredients. Mint Jelly, Strawberry Jam, and Apple Butter. I will then show them how to “can” it, and explain how to make your own alterations to the recipe and become creative with jellies and jams.

Class #2: Make Your Own Canned Fruits & Vegetables—I will again go over the equipment and techniques that are different to vegetable canning. I will go over two recipes and explain one other, due to the increased time necessary in vegetable canning. Tomato paste and creamed corn. I will discuss canned peaches and other steamed fruits and vegetables. 

Class #3: Make Your Own Bread—I will go over kneading techniques, the difference between using a starter, either homemade or purchased, or making the bread continuously. I will walk them through sourdough and multi-grain recipes.

Class #4: Make Your Own Pickles—I will go over preservation techniques, brine recipes, and different vegetables and fruits to use. I will also walk them through the recipe for bread and butter pickles, sauerkraut, and pickled beets. I will then walk them through the bottling process so the pickled things will last.

Class #5: Make Your Own Beef Jerky, Fruit Leathers, and other dehydrated things—I will go through the different types of dehydrators, the uses of dehydrated foods, and storage. I will then take them through recipes for beef jerky, fruit leathers, and the layering of peaches, apples, or spices.

Class #6: Make Your Own Cookies—I can do this seasonally (we can have several different cookie classes) or just a general class. I will go over mixing techniques, recipes, and how to be creative. I will talk about cookie exchanges and how to use a base recipe and create alterations. If we did a seasonal class, I have created recipes that I could walk them through for fall cookies, using picked fruits and fresh cinnamon. Winter cookies, Christmas cookies using fresh peppermint, chocolate drops, homemade food coloring. Spring and summer, we would walk through lighter recipes, no-bake recipes, and jam cookies.

Class #7: Make Your Own Soups—I would explain different types of soups, how to experiment, how to use spices, how to make soups from scratch…from picking the right fresh produce, to softening it, to then creating the soup. I will show the recipe for pumpkin soup and carrot ginger soup.

Class #8: Make Your own Kitchen Sink Recipes—I will show the class how to take little things from your pantry and refrigerator and create brilliant meals for their family. Using basic staples and some “leftovers”, I will show them how to not waste any ingredients and include “everything but the kitchen sink”.

Class #9: Make Your Own Sauces, Salsas, and Marinades: I will show the class how to make sauces, salsas and marinades from fresh ingredients. I will go over three to four recipes using these newly made marinades and the class will get to sample these recipes. They will go home with recipe sheets including several other dips that we did not have time to go over in the class.

Class # 10: Harvest Aplenty: I will go over recipes having to do with fall harvest, such as pumpkin carrot soup, beet salad with mint and fennel, apple spice cake, sweet potato pound cake and others. I will choose from these and bake two to three recipes during the class to have a tasting at the end.

Class # 11: Make Your Own Holiday Sweet Breads: Another bread class (there seemed to be a lot of interest in them), this could be taught in the holiday season. We would go over a sticky cinnamon swirl bread and a Russian Krendl bread. Again, these would be made during the class and then a tasting would complete the evening.

Class # 12: Make Your Own Country Bread and Butter: this would be a combo class, where we would go over country bread and how to make it, and also I would teach on flavoring homemade butter and butter spreads. 

Class # 13: Make Your Own Pizza! Pizza!: In this class, I will go over several creative ideas for pizza, including a breakfast pizza, pizza twist, and a dessert pizza.

Class # 14: Make Your Own Hot appetizers: I will teach three to four hot appetizer selections to impress your guests that don't take too long to prepare. I have three current versions of this class available, since some libraries like it so much they keep booking it! So, there is a lot of variety available through this class. If you've had me teach it before, book it again for a whole new set of appetizers, yum!

Class # 15: Make Your Own 100-Mile meals: This can be a combo book discussion/cooking class or a stand-alone class. It is built around the book “Plenty” by Alisa Smith and JB McKinnon, and will teach the class how to prepare all phases of one meal using ingredients raised and cultivated within 100 miles. This is an excellent “green” class, as it reduces food emissions and teaches the class to use and reuse what is available to us!

Class # 16: Make Your Own Vegetarian Dishes: I will show the class how to prepare a variety of vegetarian dishes using organic products. I will also go over basic nutrition and how to make sure that your vegetarian diet covers all necessary nutrition.

Class # 18: Make Your Own Super Brunch: I will prepare a delicious brunch, teaching the class how to make Scrambled Eggs with Salt Cod, Pecan Cinnamon Buns, and Biscuits with Sausage Gravy.

Class # 19: Make Your Own Recyclable Meal: I will prepare one meal, of which the leftovers then translate into two other meals for the week. I will also go over side dishes that will spice it up and change the entire texture of the meal. This was developed for Loretta Piscatella of Middle Country Library for a singles group, but can easily be adapted for a normal adult cooking program.

Class # 20: Moroccan Cooking: I will take the class through three signature Moroccan dishes while explaining cultural “food norms”.

Class # 21: Chocolate Dinners: I will teach three different entrees including chocolate, giving a new take on a sweet addition.

Class #22: Healthy Holiday Baking: I will demonstrate a gingerbread cake, spritz cookies, and homemade oreos using no butter, refined white sugar, or white flour. They will be organic, vegetarian, and vegan in nature.

This is just a sampling of the classes I have taught in the past.
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Class Schedule

Oct 4:
Harvest Aplenty Class, Longwood Library

Oct 6:
Make Your Own Jams and Jellies,
East Islip Public Library

Oct 12:
Make Your Own Baby Food Lecture,
Wild by Nature

Nov 10:
Hot Appetizers Class, Longwood Public Library

Nov 16:
Holiday Sweet Breads, Port Jefferson Library

Dec 1:
Holiday Cookies, Babylon Public Library

Dec 14:
Hot Appetizers, Port Jefferson Library


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