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Teen Programs

Class #1: Decorating Cookies
I can do this seasonally and offer decorating sessions. We can do one for Christmas/Hannukah (or a separate class for each), fall, summer, spring, and Easter. The teens or teens and parents will come in to freshly baked cookies with all of the decorating essentials available to them. These would be hands on courses.

Class #2: Make Your Own Sauces, Salsas, and Marinades
I will show the class how to make sauces, salsas and marinades from fresh ingredients. I will go over three to four recipes using these newly made marinades and the class will get to sample these recipes. They will go home with recipe sheets including several other dips that we did not have time to go over in the class.

Class #3: Make Your Own Party Appetizers
I will go over some delicious recipes for making original and fun appetizers for parties. This is not a hands on course, but all will get to sample these tasty treats.

Class #4: Mother’s Day Tea
This is for young women and their moms or special ladies in their lives. All of them would bring in their favorite tea cup. I would go over the history of tea and how to steep the perfect pot. I would then go over some delicious tea party sandwiches and crudites, making them instructionally and allowing all to sample at the end.

Class #5: Make Your Own Cupcake Party
We would go over three different cupcake recipes, including a gluten free cupcake, a monkey cupcake made with bananas, and a pixie cupcake complete with angels wings. This is not hands on, but again, there will be sampling at the end.

Class #6: Make Your Own Chocolate Dinners
I will teach three different entrees including chocolate, giving a new take on a sweet addiction.

Class Schedule

Oct 4:
Harvest Aplenty Class, Longwood Library

Oct 6:
Make Your Own Jams and Jellies,
East Islip Public Library

Oct 12:
Make Your Own Baby Food Lecture,
Wild by Nature

Nov 10:
Hot Appetizers Class, Longwood Public Library

Nov 16:
Holiday Sweet Breads, Port Jefferson Library

Dec 1:
Holiday Cookies, Babylon Public Library

Dec 14:
Hot Appetizers, Port Jefferson Library


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